Queso, Guacamole - $7 each

Queso & Guacamole - $8

Salsa Trio - $10

Pico de gallo, jalapeño queso, salsa guacamole

Salsa Trio - $10

Pico de gallo, jalapeño queso, salsa guacamole

Taquitos Dorados - $10

Chipotle chicken & oaxaca queso, fried to perfection. Garnished with lettuce, crema, and guacamole.

Choriqueso $12

Oaxaca cheese, homemade chorizo, pickled jalepeño, with tortilla chips

Chorinachos $12

Homemade toritlla chips, homemade chorizo, lettuc, guacamole, crema, homemade pickled jalapeños and jalapeño queso

El Bontanero

Black refried beans, choriqueso, guac, homemade jalepeños, pico de gallo, chips



All Tacos are $4 each except Campechano and Barbacoa

Al Pastor - grilled marinated pork butt served with grilled pineapple

Al Pastor (Hongos Silvestres) - grilled marinated mushroom served with grilled pineapple

Asada - grilled marinated flank

Barbacoa - slow roasted lamb

Campechano - blend of seasonal steak & chorizo

Carnitas - fried seasoned pork

Chipotle Chicken - shredded chicken in adobo sauce, pickled red onion

Chorizo - homemade spiced beef sausage

Chorizo Vegetariano - soy-based spiced mexican sausage

Cochinita Pibil - marinated, slow roasted pulled pork, habanero slaw, pickled red onion

Lengua - beef tongue

Nopales - grilled marinated cactus (seasonal)

Tinga Vegetariana - hibiscus, marinated red onion, and shredded carrot


Huevo con Chorizo - $13

Bolillo bread, mayo, eggs, chorizo, tomato, queso oaxaca, lettuce, grilled onion, homemade pickled jalapeños

Pierna - $13

Bolillo bread, marinated pulled pork, tomato, queso oaxaca, lettuce, grilled onion, guacamole, homemade pickled jalapeños

Pambazos - $14

Bolillo bread, papas, homemade chorizo, queso fresco, lettuce, salsa verde, onion, smothered in salsa roja and fried

Cubana - $16

Bolillo bread, flank milanesa, salchicha, jamon, fried egg, queso amarillo, homemade chorizo, queso oaxaca, lettuce, grilled onion, tomato, guacamole, cilantro, homemade pickled jalapeños


Sopes - $13

10” handmade corn cake topped with protein of choice, lettuce, onion, queso fresco and crema

Tostada - $7 or 2 for $13

Handmade fried tortilla topped with chipotle chicken, lettuce, onion, queso fresco, & crema

Burritos - $12

Flour tortilla, rice, black beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, queso, cilantro, french fries, & crema

Gordita - $10

Handmade corn patty filled with Oaxaca queso, queso fresco, and the salsa of the day

Huarache - $13

Handmade tortilla filled with black refried beans, topped with protein of choice, lettuce, onion, queso fresco & crema

Quesadilla - $12

Flour or homemade corn tortilla, queso oaxaca; garnished with onion & cilantro

Pincho Quesadilla - $14

El gigante 14” flour tortilla, stuffed with Oaxaca cheese, protein choice. Garnished with onion and cilantro.

Platos - $13

Arroz, beans, protein choice; with homemade pickled jalapenos, 2 warmed tortillas, & the slaw of the day